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After starting a digital firm 2.5 years ago, creating my own global network for my awesome clients , being elected for the International Assembly team representing the UK for ACCA, representing the APPG on tech for ACCA , encouraging students to learn tech as well as accounting and so much more. Setting up Soaring Falcon, a digital firm is one of the best things I could ever imagine doing.

Being recognised by Xero as the UK MVP for 2017 is my proudest moment in my journey so far. Xero has been a huge inspiration to me and has become the heart of my business. They provide me with the tools I need each day to run my practice and to grow it. The world is at my feet.

British Accountancy Marketing Awards 2018...

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Our Awards Night Intro...

Soaring Falcon  has  only  been  running  a  short  time  ago  but  have  used  traditional  and  modern  marketing  to  rapidly  increase  their  visibility  and  become  more  valued.

They  have  approached  growing  their  practice  through  thinking  and  acting  globally...Innovative  thinking,  social  media  marketing,  video  marketing  and  networking  has  allowed  them  to  attract  clients  and  team  up  with  international  partners,  supporting  their  overseas  clients.

Choosing  a  specialism  which  matches  the  practices  personality  and  skillset,  and  them  embracing  the  platforms  where  their  ideal  client  lives  has  allowed  for  a  meteoric  rise  in  brand  awareness,  the  speed  of  which  has  attracted  even  more  attention. They have  strategically  carried  out  marketing  actions  that  have  resulted  in  them  being  seen  as  an  influencer  and  an  authority  by  the  marketplace,  industry  suppliers  and  associations,  and  her  majesty’s  government.

On naming Alex Falcon Huerta as Xero’s MVP 2017 we are recognising Alex for her commitment to client service as well as the contribution she is making to the entire Xero community in the UK.

Alex has clearly demonstrated the highest levels of commitment to her own professional development and to that of her team, she is recognised a digital pioneer at a time when the world of accounting is undergoing huge transformation with digital technologies, and finally for her advocacy and unwavering support for SMBs who also struggle with many of the same challenges as the world goes digital
— Gary Turner, Managing Director, Xero

Recognised as a 'Pacesetter' by XERO 2018!

Shortlisted for 'Innovative Firm of the Year' at the 2018 Accounting Excellence Awards.


British Accountancy Marketing Awards 2018 'Rising Star' Winners!


Top 50 Women in Accounting 2017.