An accountancy practice with a difference…

You’ll notice the difference working with us, we guarantee it.

We couldn’t be further from the image of old accountants, churning out historic data, unknown tax payments, lots of paperwork and big accounting bills. If you’re wondering what all those pages of accounts still mean, then it’s time to move on from the grey suits and try something very different.

Our vision was to change accounting for good, and give clients a new refreshing experience - and that’s exactly what we are delivering. We make good use of the latest technology to ensure your business is always up to date, that you have the most efficient financial systems, and can see into the future!

More than that you know that we’re on your side every step of the way, by helping you form clear goals and mapping out how you’re business can be optimised to meet them.

And we can prove it too!

We are British Accountancy Award Winners (Best new practice)  , crowned  Xero’s Most Valued Partner 2017, while our founder Alex Falcon Huerta is an advisor to the UK government’s All Party Parliamentary Group Technology Board, and is an ACCA International Assembly member.

And we know that there aren’t any other accountants out there that can say that!


This is what makes us fly...

  • Fixed monthly fees - no large unexpected bills.

  • Paperless - no more paper piling up at home or at the office.

  • Digital Signatures - documents can be signed via your mobile, instantly.

  • Streamlined processes - working closely with clients to update back-office.

  • Mobile Apps - Easy access to your important documents wherever you are.

  • Real time financials - allowing you to keep focused on your goals.

  • Dashboard reporting - for the non finance person - future trends and forecasting


meet the team.

Alex Falcon Huerta - Soaring Falcon Accountancy

Alex Falcon Huerta FCCA

CEO & Founder of Soaring Falcon


Jake Mizen

Tax and Accounts Manager


Toni Wright-Brown

Accounts and Customer Success


Rihanna Barratt

Chief Organiser