An accountancy practice with a difference, based in Bedford UK.

Alex Falcon-Huerta FCCA  founded Soaring Falcon Accountancy in April 2015 after spending almost 20 years of working in small to medium sized accountancy practices. When Xero launched in the UK, Alex was keen to learn the new product and embrace the cloud world.

The image of accountants so far, has been about OLD historic data, unknown tax payments, big accounting bills, lots of paperwork, dull grey suits and in some cases, being presented with pages of accounts, where you have no clue what they mean and just sign on the dotted line anyway.  This needed to change

Being a Millennial Accountant, Alex's vision was to change the accounting image and give clients a new refreshing accounting experience. Today, we all have phones, laptops, computers and ipads. We are online 24/7. We are now in a digital world and can access most of what we want on our phone. Companies are forever developing ways to make things faster and more quicker to satisfy the end user. YOU. Why can't this be the same for accountants? Her passion for technology and accounting meant it was the perfect timing to launch Soaring Falcon.


This is what makes us fly...

  • Fixed monthly fees - no large unexpected bills.
  • Paperless - no more paper piling up at home or at the office.
  • Digital Signatures - documents can be signed via your mobile, instantly.
  • Streamlined processes - working closely with clients to update back-office.
  • Mobile Apps - Easy access to your important documents wherever you are.
  • Real time financials - allowing you to keep focused on your goals.
  • Dashboard reporting  - for the non finance person - future trends and forecasting

meet the team.

Alex Falcon Huerta - Soaring Falcon Accountancy

Alex Falcon Huerta FCCA

CEO & Founder of Soaring Falcon
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Jack Bridge - Soaring Falcon Accountancy

Jack Bridge #OBM

Account Manager at Soaring Falcon
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Julie Arnold - Soaring Falcon Accountancy

Julie Arnold

Administrator & Payroll Executive



Mandy Pinney

Xero Bookkeeper